I’m Eva, the creator of Poesprint! I am 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. Since I was little I love animals and nature. We had a lot of pets at home and my dad was a farmer. When I got bigger we moved to Belgium where I started to study graphic design, in that time Poesprint was born! When I got my degree I was ready for something new so went to Spain. I worked there for 9 months as an au-pair and honestly… had one of the best times of my life! In Spain I started thinking what I wanted to do next and I figured out that nature still was very important to me. I moved back to the Netherlands and started studying biology. I’m in my third year now so I can almost call myself a biologist :). At school I met my boyfriend and we now live together with my two little birds (that always “help” me with illustrating), our 3 aquaria, his 3 gecko’s and lots of plants.

My goal with Poesprint is to help people treasuring their beloved pets forever! The portraits, and in the future other products are good quality prints that last a lifetime in the most ecological way possible! Feel free to contact me about anything, questions about the portraits, other products, tips, ideas or if you need help as a charity.


xx Eva