I’m Eva, the creator of Poesprint! I am 25 years old and live in the Netherlands. Since I was little I love animals and nature. We had a lot of pets at home and my dad was a farmer. When I got bigger we moved to Belgium where I started to study graphic design, in that time Poesprint was born! When I got my degree I was ready for something new so went to Spain. I worked there for 9 months as an au-pair and honestly… had one of the best times of my life! In Spain I started thinking what I wanted to do next and I figured out that nature still was very important to me. I moved back to the Netherlands and started studying biology. I’m in my final year now so I can almost call myself a biologist :). At school I met my boyfriend and we now live together with my two little birds (that always “help” me with illustrating), our 3 aquaria, his 3 gecko’s and lots of plants. There are also dogs running through our house often because I am a dog sitter! Quite a “beestenboel” or beastly mess, but I love it! The Dutchies onder ons may know the movie(s) “Poeslief”. In an internship I helped creating the first movie and I designed the movie posters. I loved doing this and seeing everybody’s cats and funny home-videos they send in!

My goal with Poesprint is to help people treasuring their beloved pets forever! I know how important our furry friends can be. The portraits are good quality prints that last a lifetime in the most ecological way possible! Feel free to contact me about anything, questions about the portraits, other products, tips, ideas or if you need help as a charity.


xx Eva