Business cards, thank you cards, etc. are printed CO2 neutral. The paper is recycled from old paper used in big businesses in Paris. They know their own emissions and compensate those, for example, by planting trees! To see the full method you can watch this video.


The packaging of the portraits is reused. The portrait first get send to me to check if it's exactly the way it's supposed to be. After approval I send it to the new proud Poesprint owner in its "old" packaging!


The paper of the portraits is very durable and lasts decades. The printing can be done at two different locations. Los Angeles, USA or Naarden, The Netherlands. This way the portraits don't have to go overseas for all US Poesprint owners. The downside of printing it in LA is that I don't get to see the portrait in real life before it's send to you.


Not environmental friendly but definitely worth mentioning is: that Poesprint works together with charity organizations like shelters, donates to non profit organizations and promotes adoption! If you are or know an organization/shelter/animal in need, feel free to contact me.