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On this page you will find information about the paintings, the painter and the shop with prints and original paintings.

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The Garden

The Garden is a subpage from my first 'lil' business, Poesprint, where I create illustrations inspired by animals and nature. 

Because my paintings are very different from my illustrations, they have their own page, the Garden. The Garden stands for growing, change, harvesting and being good for the world.



Hi! I'm Eva, the artist behind the Gardens of Eva. I'm I graduated as a graphic designer and illustrator, and then again as a biologist. Now I am working as an ecologist and artist! Besides being an ecologist and helping out nature, I can't ignore my passion of painting and creating. Every day my hands itch to pick up a pencil or brush and get creative. In the Garden, I can express my creativity and desire to create. I also create personalised work or work for clients.

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