How It Works

Make A Photo

Take the photos in good licht. Natural light is best but no shadow or direct sunlight. This changes the contrast in the photo and make me see less detail. Take the photo at eye level with your pet, make sure the whole silhouette form head till chest is visible and use a device that takes good quality photos. At least one of the photos you send needs to meet these requirements. You can send me more photos of details (fur, spots, eyes, freckles, etc), different angles, fun activities or anything else to better show the character of your pet.

The Portrait

When I receive your photos and we agreed on what the portrait will look like, I can start. The portrait is digitally drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator and takes about 10-15 hours. When I finished the portrait I will send it to you for approval. It is possible to make changes like background, fur and eye colour. For bigger changes like shape, posture or details I will charge an extra fee depending on the size of the change. You can email me during the whole proces for updates or additional information.

The Paper

The portraits are printed on a very durable and sturdy (308 gms) art paper called Photo Rag®. This paper is a natural white paper with a very fine structure and made of 100% cotton fiber. Contains no chemical additives and is therefore acid free and pH neutral, has a very long life span (several centuries) and is well resistant to humidity. It's is the most popular paper for fine-art printing. Its smooth surface and structure makes it suitable for both color and black and white art reproductions with deep blacks.

End Phase

As soon as you send me an approval, I will send the portrait to the printer. Before sending the portrait to you, I get to see it to make sure it looks exactly the way we planned. To ship the portrait I like to use recycled packaging. This way we save a lot of water, which is better for the environment! To know more about how environmentally friendly Poesprint is you can click here. Please know that the total turnaround time will be 2-4 months. The reason for that is that I'm not a full time artist. Shipping time depends on where you are located.