Ambassadors 2021

Welcome to the ambassador page! Here you can find information about the current ambassadors, information on how to become an ambassador and the fun parts of being an ambassador for Poesprint.


The foundation ‘Verhuisdieren’

Verhuisdieren is a foundation that focuses on rehoming pets. This can be from old home to new home but also from the street to a new warm family. Through the wishes you enter and information on the character of your pet, a perfect match can be made between new owner and pet. Verhuisdieren also offers professional help such as behavior specialists or nutritionists, who may be able to prevent a rehoming. You can also sign up as a sitter. This can be used by people who need help caring for their sweet four-legged friend.

Since Verhuisdieren itself is not an animal but a foundation, the founder has designated a very special dog who is the mascot of the foundation and now ambassador of Poesprint!

As you might or might not know, I love animals. I sat together with Verhuisdieren to see what I could do for them. We decided that when you order a custom portrait with their own special code, you get 10% off and Verhuisdieren gets 5% of the proceeds!

You can find out more about Verhuisdieren by clicking here.

Meet Karl

Karl is the ambassador of Poesprint for the year 2021. He is 2 years old and lives in Italy. Although he’s a pug, he’s definitely not a couch potato! He loves nature, hiking in the mountains and exploring new places. A true explorer always searching for new places to start an adventure. And last but not least, he’s a true fashion addict and has a weakness for accessories!

You can find more about Karl on his instagram page @itskarlthevip_pug

Become the next ambassador!

Every year there will be new ambassadors for Poesprint. This is done because I simply like to do collaborations like this! And there is also an advantage for me. I can use the ambassadors as the testers of new products and get honest reviews and tips to improve things! The ambassadors receive new products for free* when they are available, get their own discount codes for a custom portrait and other products which they can share with their family, friends and followers. And maybe the biggest advantage of being an ambassador is a free* custom portrait! In exchange for all this, I expect a pleasant collaboration in which we both support each other by sharing content about the products you have received, share posts and stories and support each other with comments and love!

Do you want to become the next ambassador? Send an email or DM and mention the name of your account and why you think you would be a good ambassador.

* For the custom portrait, you only pay the printing- (if printed) and shipping costs, for other products (when available) only shipping costs.