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On this page you can find out all about the custom portraits. Scroll down to find out which style suits you and what you can do to cherish your favorite furry friend forever! 

The styles


This is the style it all started with in 2015! This style is detailed and time consuming because of the way a portrait is created. In Adobe Illustrator, I place dots, which eventually become planes. In this way, a kind of color plate forms. I then color it in and look at that, there you have a portrait! With this style you will cherish your pet forever. 


The 'Simple style' is a less detailed style. However, it does require an eye for detail. The trick is to use as few lines and planes as possible to make the portrait look as much like your pet as possible. This style is developed in Adobe Illustrator with personalized brushes. With the peaceful feel, a 'Simple style' portrait is appropriate for any interior!


Deze stijl is de nieuwste, maar zeker niet de minste stijl! Deze stijl ligt het dichtst bij mezelf en vind ik ook de aller leukste om te maken! Vroeger tekende ik eigenlijk altijd al op deze manier maar ik had nooit bedacht om dit op een professionele manier te doen. De stijl is ontwikkeld in Procreate en met de vrolijke kleuren en schattige elementen past deze stijl perfect in deze tijd! 








Several choices can be made when ordering a portrait. The options are listed below: 


- Digital file (a digital file that can be used as a background)

- Print (your portrait is physically printed)


Add-ons can be added on top of the normal order for a personalized portrait with your portrait on it such as: 

- T-shirts

- Sweaters

- Mugs

- Notebooks


If you have your own suggestion for an add-on that isn't in the list above, feel free to ask, and I'll see what's possible. 


All portraits are printed on the award winning 290 g/m² paper Hahnemühle Bamboo. This paper is made of 90% bamboo fibers and stands for naturalness and resource-saving paper production. The bamboo paper is acid- and lignin-free and meets the highest requirements in terms of ageing resistance. The unique combination of durable bamboo fibers, soft surface texture and convincing print quality gives the artwork sensuality and soul, making it museum quality. 


Please fill out the form below to place an order or to request a quote.


Thanks for your submission!

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