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Here you can find the different projects I have been working on. It's a growing portfolio so come back regularly to see if any new fun projects have been added!

Sighthound September

Sighthound September was developed to create more awareness around Sighthounds while challenging artists to create something new each time. It was hosted by @sincerelysighthounds on Instagram. 


Doggust is an annual event that challenges artists to illustrate a new breed of dog each day. The one I participated in was hosted by @dogsinaugust on Instagram. 


For the Dutch and Belgian reader this might be fun thing to know. You probably know, or heard of, the movie Poeslief (especially the cat lovers) and by now also Poeslief 2. I have watched and selected all your submitted cat movies because I participated in creating Poeslief! Unfortunately no longer on Poeslief 2. I did design both movie posters posters. I did all this during an internship at EMS films. I also worked on 'Wild Port of Europe - de Nieuwe Wildernis 2.0' (to be released in April 2022) and a little bit on 'De Schooltuin' during this period. 


During this period I did many other fun things related to the films. I was able to see many animals up close on source image for which I had to provide information with my biology background. I could also go into the field myself and was even allowed to ring young swallows and kingfishers once! I was also able to go along with a cameraman to film young jackdaws in their nest (nothing was disturbed for this). 

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