Of course we hope that you'll be totally 100% happy with your print, but if for some reason you aren't, please let us know and we'll talk together for the best solution. If your print is damaged on his journey to your home, pleas send us a photo. Again we will find the best solution together!


After you ordered your print, it will be made. It takes me between 1 and 4 weeks to finish it. After some emails with you, the print can be shipped. Usually it takes about 1 to 5 weeks before you receive it at home. Depends on where you live.

Emergency order

If you have an order that need to be done quick (birthday, holiday gift, etc), please use 'EMERGENCY ORDER' as subject of your message. Please understand that sometimes it isn't possible to place an emergency order. I need a few days to make the portrait and printing and shipping also takes time. I will charge $15 more. This is because all other orders have to be rescheduled.